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LRT combines 25+ link data sources and recrawls them for you
Watch out
Simulate your future backlink profile Know if a link will help or hurt your rankings, before you build it. LinkResearchTools allows you to see the impact a link will have on your backlink profile in the future. We also call this feature the "Time…
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LinkResearchTools Price Grandfathering Policy
Price stability for automatic billing Since 2009, at LinkResearchTools (LRT) we value customers that stay with us, use the product on an ongoing basis and give their feedback to help us improve our software. As we add new features, more power, more data…
LRT Power\*Trust Matrix
Measure link quality with LRT Power and LRT Trust - it is more helpful than PR, DR, DA, PA With LRT Power and Trust you get a two-dimensional measurement system to understand what link quality you really have or chase. LRT Power and LRT Trust measure…
link scope selector
From where to where does a link go? Understand a Link's Scope It makes a big difference from where to where a link goes. LRT shows you the following different types of link scopes External Links Network Links Subdomain Links Internal Links [/div] How…
Hints on Links and Redirects automatically with suggested actions to take
Recommendations on Opportunities, Hints and Issues for you Automatic issue detection and SEO advisory is the golden feature in the "Smart Generation" of Link Detox and LinkResearchTools. Many years of experience baked into easy to understand…

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