Automated SEO Advisory for Links & Redirects

Automated SEO Advisory for Links & Redirects

Get 17 years of Cemper's Link Experience in software.

1, 10, 100 or 1000 websites - run for you

Automated SEO Advisory for Links & Redirects
  • Reduce time needed for link audits and link building.
  • Focus on quality work.
  • Keep a history of all your link and actions.
  • Learn which links to build, to fix, to disavow.

Relax your SEO life, Smart

  • Analyzes all your internal and external links.
  • Gives you SEO recommendations.
  • Invites you to the smart club of link experts.
  • Lets you enjoy your life more.

All aspects of Google penalty recovery, Negative SEO protection, Competitive Research and Link Building covered.

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Trusted by the world's most respected brands.


What is LRT Smart about?

Get you the best data in no time.

LRT Smart runs ongoing for all your websites

The complete LRT suite includes four modules Recover, Protect, Learn, Grow.

These modules cover the full SEO circle to

  • recover from a Google penalty
  • protect from technical SEO problems and negative SEO attacks
  • learn SEO tactics from your competitors in competitive research
  • grow your organic search traffic with link building and link grooming

The complete LRT suite contains all modules available.

A link is a connection from source to target

A Hyperlink is a connection from a source page to a target page. With all that comes with it.

LRT helps you to measure links right. LRT looks at both ends of a link, and the impact to each other.

Go and review other products. None of them actually interpret a link for what it is, but present you the source pages, and maybe the target pages, if you are lucky.

Use LRT do analyze links the right way.

LRT Smart: Understand how link risk developers over time

The Link Detox Risk® trends for a backlink profile show you the development of risk over time. You can act as soon as something changes. The charts also allows you to zoom into details and a specific time frame.

Is your domain at risk?

High Link Detox Risk

Link Detox Risk

A DTOXRISK above 1000 usually means a penalty or Google Penguin filter holding you back in rankings.

Link Detox Risk is a unique risk metric calculating the risk of any link and your whole domain (Domain DTOXRISK). Judging on the link risk of any single link helps you decide which ones to disavow, delete or to keep.


Recommendations on Opportunities, Hints and Issues for you

Automatic issue detection and SEO advisory is the golden feature in the "Smart Generation" of Link Detox and LinkResearchTools.

Many years of experience baked into easy to understand recommendations.

We spend a lot of time to develop, implement, test these rules for you.

And we continue to update and improve this automatic SEO advisory further on a weekly basis, just as the Google rules change.


Would you like to get such advice for your websites? 1, 10, 100 or 1000?

Do you want to reduce the time needed for link monitoring and backlinks audits?

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Start today.


We're in the business of finding your (competitor's) links.

LRT goes around bot blocks and robots.txt to show you links others don't want you to see, like PBN links or negative SEO links.

People have asked for way to block us since 2009, and since then we work hard to get around any approach to block our crawlers to find links.

Ignoring robots.txt and other methods is not an easy thing to do. It's also impossible to do on a large scale, if you want to build a public "one-size fits all" index like other link data products.

We don't even try to be a "one-size fits all" index. We crawl YOUR link profile. For you.

That's how we do it.

This is part of of the LRT Difference.

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

Fresh Data

Link Data Freshness is an indicator of how fresh your backlink profile data is

Work with fresh data

How fresh is the data that you are working with?

When did ALL of your links get a recrawl the last time?

Don't fall for the few percent being recrawled recently.

In LRT the metric Link Data Freshness tells you how fresh your backlink profile data is, so you can decide if you'd like to refresh your data with a re-crawl.

After all you don't want to work with old data, do you?

Complete Data


Backlink Profile Coverage tells you, for every analysis, how much of the potential backlink profile you analyzed.

LRT has 25+ backlink data sources, so can provide the maximum possible data in "Complete Mode".

For best results, always use our "Complete Mode" - outperforming any other backlink analysis software.

Maximum Data


You can get accurate, reliable and fresh link data in one system, LinkResearchTools.

No other SEO software or online marketing tool does this. This is how we maximize the Backlink Profile Coverage for you.

Did you know? Other products provide you data last crawled up to 5(!) years ago.

Do you want to work with old and incomplete data? Or use LRT?

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

Clean Data


Get a complete picture of your backlink profile.

With LRT you get 25+ different link data sources

We give you a 360-degree view of your backlink profile. You will see the maximum possible number of links.

This alone saves you many hours of exhausting manual data cleanup work, every time you update your audit.

You life as an SEO analyst will get an unseen-before (data) quality.

All SEO Metrics

Most comprehensive analysis with 150+ SEO Metrics

LRT users get over 150 unique SEO metrics for every link.

_usp_seo_metrics 150+ SEO metrics
Many of these metrics are exclusively available only in to users of LinkResearchTools.

How you will benefit

How you benefit from LRT Superhero plans

Automation – Automated Hints and Recommendations
Accuracy – with 25+ link data sources, 150+ SEO Metrics on a newly developed system
Efficiency – automations help you get the job done faster, or automatic at all
Flexibility – flexible billing models - thanks to the new Link Crawl Budget

We work hard to cut away all potential time-eaters for you in the process of link monitoring and link audit.

Hands-Off with LRT Smart

SEO Data gathering and cleansing from dozens of data sources worked fine and automated for a decade already.

Now, we're now talking about a hands-off interpretation of the data with easy to follow advice.

An automated Offpage SEO advisory system, if you want to call it like that.

No more fiddling around with different filters, sort criteria and filter slices (unless you want to of course!)

Work on your decisions, not in Excel sheets.

The full LinkResearchTools Smart product will support for

✅ Link Audits in Link Detox® (Recover)
✅ Link Analysis and Monitoring (Protect)
✅ Competitive Analysis (Learn)
✅ Link Building (Grow)

25 extra LRT Classic Tools included

In addition to the new LRT Smart platform, all LRT Superheros get access to the 25 LRT Classic tools in an indispensable toolkit for professional SEOs around the world since 2009.

Worked with LRT before?

So far, LinkResearchTools (LRT) already had...

✅ all the link data (25 data sources!)
✅ all answers
✅ and the user had to ask the questions

Now LinkResearchTools also has...

✅ the right questions
✅ the use cases
✅ the work priorities
✅ the (semi-)automated solution
✅ and lovely reports for your clients

What makes LRT so special?

Learn more about what LinkResearchTools has achieved an international reputation in community of expert SEO Consultants, Agencies, Affiliates and Inhouse SEOs.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Start today.

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

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Why is Link Risk Management Vital?
Link Monitoring

Why is Link Risk Management Vital?

Why is Link Risk Management vital? Protect your hard-fought gains from algorithm changes and malicious actions. Keep your site from losing traffic and money. Learn the link audit process and get easy tips needed for proper Link Risk Management.
LRTcon 2019 Recap - Link Building Conference collects EUR 43.545 for charity

LRTcon 2019 Recap - Link Building Conference collects EUR 43.545 for charity

Learn how we managed to collect almost 50.000 US$ in only four months for charity with a Link Building Conference we set up - and why a "Link Only" conference was necessary in the first place, the SEO market changes.
Rick Lomas in the LRT Site Clinic on May 21, 2020
SEO Site Clinic

NEW & FREE: LRT Site Clinic with Rick Lomas on May 21, 2020

Link & SEO analysis of websites by experienced LRT Certified Xpert Rick Lomas and Christoph C. Cemper. Recognition of chances for link building or disavow, the most important problems on your website and the backlink profile. Warning and solutions for negative SEO. Explanation of the problems and options for action. Learning effect for all participants. Audit also possible in your own LRT account, so that you can continue after the site clinic. Have fun for all participants

Read customer reviews and see many more companies using LRT.

LinkResearchTools is THE software you need to check your backlinks
LinkResearchTools is THE software you need to check your backlinks
LinkResearchTools is THE software you need to check the links pointing to your website AKA backlinks. Every website has its backlink portfolio and every website needs to keep it healthy and penalty-free in order to rank well in Google search. With LRT…
You get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization.
You get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization.
Jens Fauldrath
LinkResearchTools save a whole lot of time when it comes to analyzing link profiles of our sites and our competitors. Due to lots of data sources you get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization and with a lot of meaningful attributes…
We use LinkResearchTools and we recommend it to all the SEO professionals.
LinkResearchTools collects link data from 20+ resources and gets it together by adding priceless metrics like link position/website category/anchor text classification. As a CEO of market leader SEO agency at Turkey, we use LinkResearchTools and we…
A really powerful set of tools, comprehensive and efficient.
LinkResearchTools is a really powerful set of tools, comprehensive and efficient. I like the fact that you can quickly and easily handle it to get the most out of it. I’m also very impressed by the way your team keeps improving it over the time, adding…
I wish we had learned about LinkResearchTools a long time ago.
I wish we had learned about LinkResearchTools a long time ago.
In my opinion, LinkResearchTools stands alone as the best link research product on the market. After failure using various competitor products, we were able to clearly identify our linking issues, understand our competitor's configurations, and implement…
We removed a Google manual penalty in just 14 days.
We removed a Google manual penalty in just 14 days.
With the help of Link Detox (DTOX) and Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing! LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set.

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