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LRT Power\*Trust Matrix

High Quality Backlinks have High Link Power and High Link Trust

Measure link quality with LRT Power and LRT Trust - it is more helpful than PR, DR, DA, PA With LRT Power and Trust you get a two-dimensional measurement system to understand what link quality you really have or chase. LRT Power and LRT Trust measure…
link profile distribution anchor text classification

Keyword Intelligence

Improve accuracy in your link analysis Do you know how many links with commercial keywords, branded anchor text or random "other" linking words you have? The anchor text type linking keywords in your links matter for your SEO! With Keyword…
Watch out

Simulate Links with the Link Building Simulator

Improve your link building process. Spot the best links in the pile of link opportunities. Only pick the best for your site and avoid Google link penalties to begin with.

Link Data from 25+ Data Sources combined

LRT combines 25+ link data sources and recrawls them for you
High Link Detox Risk

Link Detox Risk - Measure the Impact of a Link

You can measure the risk of links using the metrics Link Detox Risk® (DTOXRISK®) which analyzes a link both Source and Target page, machine learning, Spam examples from Google collected since 2012 and human authority raters.
Schematic: How Link Detox Boost works

Link Detox Boost

Speed-up link crawling and recovery Use Link Detox Boost to speed up your recovery from a Google Penalty after a backlink clean-up or get placed or removed links indexed FAST. Link Detox Boost® helps you Fast recovery from a Google Penalty ^^^^…
backlink audits slice

Complete Link Audit

Why settle for less? LRT lets you do complete audit. Don’t miss out on all the benefits that come with a significant organic traffic increase after a complete audit. Analyze your complete backlink profile Keep your link profile free from toxic links…
LinkResearchTools Price Grandfathering Policy

LRT Price Grandfathering Privilege

Price stability for automatic billing Since 2009, at LinkResearchTools (LRT) we value customers that stay with us, use the product on an ongoing basis and give their feedback to help us improve our software. As we add new features, more power, more data…

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