• Yes, we believe TOX3 links should be removed as they are classified as ‘very unnatural.’ We highly recommend you check TOX3 links carefully. more »
  • The web is constantly changing and this is why you need to keep up a Link Monitoring routine for your website and your business. It’s just like setting up Google Alerts for your brand or browsing the newspapers for news about your business. Link… more »
  • Does it hurt your SEO to link out too much? Q: "It hurts to link out too much" (from an SEO perspective) True or false? what do you think? A: If you're not getting paid for those links, if there's no "scheme" behind them, if they're… more »
  • This page collects polls made to webmasters Does Google crawl No Follow Links, despite their official statements? What is your experience? https://twitter.com/cemper/status/1153286798979805184 Quick poll: did you mark your links as UGC or SPONSORED… more »
  • This page collects important questions that Google has not yet answered and shall provide context, screenshots, links that may easily get lost in typical twitter streams too fast. 2019-08-28: will a penalty also spread to an "Auto-Canonical"… more »
  • 302 redirects for SEO? Q: Can I use 302 or will I lose my link juice through it? A: There is still a lot of outdated info you find, but current about 302 redirects as of we know Google changed the definition and interpretation of 302 and in general all… more »
  • Link Juice - Use 1 Link juice often refers to the link value a link is able to pass on to the target. Many assume this would be only a metric defined by the link graph, e.g. the LRT Power, Ahrefs UR or in the page Google PageRank. Other aspects, namely… more »
  • After the Google Penguin updates penalized thousands of webmasters for their cheap and spammy link schemes they are now in an often pathologic fear to acquire new links. This also, especially in Germany for ca. the year 2015 led to the even more… more »
  • There are three scopes for domains that define the scope we are referring to. The difference needs be clearly understood to avoid confusion. For a given registered domain example.com we have Root Domain scope - i.e. all links referring from/to… more »
  • Using the SEO Metrics Selector you can select and order the metrics shown in any result table. The selection and order is preserved when you leave the application. Open the SEO Metrics Selector Click on the SEO Metrics Selector symbol in the top right… more »

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