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  • The parameters of this package look at the links on a page and tell you how many links of each kind a page has. Metric Description MetaRobots Analyzes a site's robots-meta-tag and tells you, if a page uses one or a combination of the values… more »
  • Quick comparison of the most important SEO metrics for multiple domains more »
  • Alexa and SEMrush provide estimations about the traffic a domain receives. Since all of them have different ways to measure it's good to have them all. SEMRushRank is a rank similar to Alexa rank, while SEMRushPrice and SEMRushTraffic are indicators for… more »
  • Backlinks from universities and government agencies are generally trusted and help increase confidence in your domain. Metric Description DomPopEDU The number of linking .edu domains (American universities). DomPopGOV The number of linking .gov domains… more »
  • Basic SEO Stats are the most important basic metrics. From the number of links to the page and domain, linking root domains (domain popularity), the theme of the page, the technical nature of a page, as well as the LRT Power™ and LRT Trust™… more »
  • These metrics indicate in which country and in which region a page is hosted. These values are derived from the webhost IP address and had more importance in the era before CDNs. Metric Description CNTRY The country in which a domain is hosted. CITY The… more »
  • By selecting the Link Check Metrics every link will be recrawled. This is available in all "Detail Modes". When enabled, this means it is verified if the link still exists many additional metrics are extracted or computed (link anchor text,… more »

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