• The domain registration information is helpful for some SEOs; especially the age of the domain affects the trust of the domain. The older, the better. Metric Description DomAge The age of the domain (given out in years and months). The older the domain,… more »
  • SWR, SWR-page, SWR-topdom, DLR, DLR-topdom – new metrics to evaluate the sitewide and deep link ratios of the relevant source. Metric Description SWR page Site-wide ratio between links to the page (BL) and the number of linking domains to the page… more »
  • Alexa and SEMrush provide estimations about the traffic a domain receives. Since all of them have different ways to measure it's good to have them all. SEMRushRank is a rank similar to Alexa rank, while SEMRushPrice and SEMRushTraffic are indicators for… more »
  • Backlinks from universities and government agencies are generally trusted and help increase confidence in your domain. Metric Description DomPopEDU The number of linking .edu domains (American universities). DomPopGOV The number of linking .gov domains… more »
  • Depending on the interpretation of META tags and Robots.txt, for different types of links and redirects, LRT displays different status icons next to each link in your reports. more »
  • The domain expiry and registrar info is helpful for some SEOs, especially the domain expiry date is said to maybe have impact on the trust a domain has. The further in the future the better. Metric Description DED Domain Expiration Date DNS Domain… more »
  • Basic SEO Stats are the most important basic metrics. From the number of links to the page and domain, linking root domains (domain popularity), the theme of the page, the technical nature of a page, as well as the LRT Power™ and LRT Trust™… more »
  • The LRT™ Trust metrics specify the probability of a page or of a domain with ranking authority in Google. Metric Description Trust Indicates the implicit trust of the page in the Google search results – works similar to the system of the Trust… more »
  • The metrics of this package look at the number of links coming from Wikipedia. Metric Description Wiki-PT!BLdom Total number of links coming from Portuguese Wikipedia (pt.wikipedia.org) Wiki-ZH!BLdom Total number of links coming from Dutch Wikipedia… more »
  • You cannot find genuinely resonant content by only looking at the Buzz set of metrics. It’s Impact that brings out the most reliable content material. People interact, share and show interest in content with Impact. These are metrics that every marketer… more »

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