• The metrics of this package look at the number of links coming from Wikipedia. Metric Description Wiki-PT!BLdom Total number of links coming from Portuguese Wikipedia (pt.wikipedia.org) Wiki-ZH!BLdom Total number of links coming from Dutch Wikipedia… more »
  • You cannot find genuinely resonant content by only looking at the Buzz set of metrics. It’s Impact that brings out the most reliable content material. People interact, share and show interest in content with Impact. These are metrics that every marketer… more »
  • Each domain name is dissolved into a unique IP address, under which the respective website is accessible. The IP address, in turn, has various classes (AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD). A high C-class popularity means that the website has backlinks that originated from… more »
  • To help you quickly detect if certain URLs are blocked by robots.txt, we provide detailed robot.txt metrics for every source page. Metric Description Robots.txt Bots txt allows general bots for currents URL Robots.txt Googlebot txt allows Googlebot for… more »
  • Visibility metrics indicate the visibility (number of ranking keywords) for an entire domain. The respective, national visibility for the preferred country of destination can be determined in your project settings. Metric Description Sistrix Visibility… more »
  • These metrics indicate in which country and in which region a page is hosted. These values are derived from the webhost IP address and had more importance in the era before CDNs. Metric Description CNTRY The country in which a domain is hosted. CITY The… more »
  • The detailed evaluation of the social votes allows you an even more specific breakdown of social metrics. This package includes the number of Facebook likes, Facebook shares, and Facebook comments for a page. Metric Description FB!Likes The number of… more »
  • By selecting the Link Check Metrics every link will be recrawled. This is available in all "Detail Modes". When enabled, this means it is verified if the link still exists many additional metrics are extracted or computed (link anchor text,… more »
  • Metric Description G!idx The number of pages that Google has indexed for a domain. In the link profile shown above, you can see that 1,302 of the referring domains (where the links are on) have indexed more than 10,000 pages in Google. While you can… more »
  • Social votes are an extension to classic votes – in other words, links. This package includes the number of Facebook votes (likes, shares, and comments) and Google + 1 for a page. Google obviously includes social metrics in the rankings, but it is not… more »

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