• In short, yes - Disavow Non-Indexed sites as well. Especially when Google has deindexed a site, this is an indicator a Penalty one one hand, and also no link power for you. We therefore recommend to disavow them and also run Link Detox Boost on them, as… more »
  • A Complete Link Audit takes all possible link data sources, API integrations, and extra uploads into account to maximize the Backlink Profile Coverage towards 100%. Link Detox performs a "Basic Link Audit" on the links and domains found in the past 30… more »
  • Link Risk Management refers to the process of doing pro-active maintenance on a domain's backlink profile for the purpose of having Google trust it more and not run the risk of triggering a manual or algorithmic Google Penalty. History of Link Risk… more »
  • Link building is the process of generating backlinks to a website through various methods. By obtaining more and higher trusted links thank competitors, Google evaluates a site as a higher quality website than theirs, if content and user-experience are… more »
  • Backlink Analysis is the cornerstone of link building and SEO. It stands in the beginning, the middle AND in the end of the link building process. Building links without knowing your backlink profile is like running over a minefield with a blindfold.… more »
  • Competitor Research refers to analyzing and monitoring your competitors in various aspects, including their search engine optimization (SEO) to learn from their methods and mistakes. Understanding the backlink profiles of your competition and comparing… more »
  • DomPop stands for Domain Popularity, or Referring Domains. more »
  • You can use the powerful LinkResearchTools SEO metrics also in SEO Tools for Excel. more »

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