4 Project Setup Classic

1 Prepare and Start Link Detox

3. Connect Google Search Console

Connect your Google Search Console account to LRT to use extra link data that only Google can provide. Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend performing these steps. Having an automatic import of link data from Google Search Console is…
1 Prepare and Start Link Detox

4. Connect API Keys to improve data quality

You can connect the Google Search Console to automatically import link data from it. You can connect API keys from external systems like Ahrefs, SEMrush and many more to have us import the data from those systems automatically. You can save a lot of…
Link Analysis Concepts

Anchor Text Keyword Classification

Classifying the keywords in your backlink profile improves precision.
4 Project Setup Classic

International Settings

“International Settings” determine your suggested values for the “Find sites of competitors” function. Select the preferred search engine, the matching language and the appropriate country of destination, from where you will draw your competitors. Of…
4 Project Setup Classic

Project Settings & Branding Options

In order to maintain an overview over your projects, you should set up projects. You can do that in your report summary page. You can set up as many projects as you please. There are no limitations. Click on your report summary in order to show all…

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