• Link Detox® is a brand and trademark owned by LinkResearchTools GmbH. It describes the software product component Link Detox that is used to audit backlink profiles and disavow toxic links. Link Detox is software that automatically rates links based… more »
  • What does Disavow Links and Domains mean? When SEOs disavow links, they tell search engines not to count the links for rankings. Some people say that disavowing a link is the same as putting a NoFollow tag on it, but based on our experience this is an… more »
  • Link Audit is a discipline of SEO that had its debut with the Google Penguin updates. It involves the removal and disavowing of toxic links, link risk management and the overall knowledge of risk factors for you and your niche. Every SEO who already… more »
  • Note: all of these topics are defined in our Terms&Conditions which clarify and details these statements in case of ambiguity. Credit Spread With an annual or bi-annual plan, you get all your credits and Link Crawl Budget with your signup. So when… more »
  • Google Penguin is an algorithmic Penalty (also referred to as a ‘Filter’) while the ‘Unnatural link warning’ (as it used to be called in 2012) is a manual Penalty. In the first case, your website triggered the Google algorithm and was thus penalized. In… more »
  • No. Link removal is not required to get a Google penalty lifted. As Google officially stated here , links that you cannot get rid of should simply be disavowed. This is the case for many Web 2.0-Links, Article Directory Spam, Link Directory Spam and of… more »
  • Q: Do I have to disavow domain:www.example.com or is it enough to disavow domain:example.com to disavow all subdomains? It is sufficient to use domain:example.com to disavow all subdomains including the www-version. This is confirmed by Google and… more »
  • Recover lost links with this link reclamation tool Recover surprising amounts of lost links after a website relaunch or an expired domain purchase at the push of a button. If Google follows a link to an error page, it stops counting it. You would have… more »
  • Notification of New Links Be notified whenever you or your competitors get new backlinks. Benefits of LA Monitoring new inbound links to your site LA is like Google Alerts, but for links. An Email is sent to you when new links are found. Link Alerts can… more »
  • Try to get it down to at around 700 or less, which will show as an average DTOXRISK. Please make sure you have followed all the [important setup steps](1 Prepare and Start Link Detox) show the correct Link Detox Risk score. It is also recommended to… more »

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