• Backlink Profile Coverage explains, in percent of the total known number backlinks to a domain, how much was actually covered in a backlink analysis. more »
  • Question about a Google Manual Penalty that I just got notice about in Google Search Console. After you disavow, resubmit, does your site reappear at the place it was in google search results? Or do you get knocked to the bottom. Answer Which and how… more »
  • Link Data Freshness is an indicator of how fresh your backlink profile data is. more »
  • Power and Trust metrics for source or target page more »
  • Power and Trust metrics for the domains and top-domains (root-domains) more »
  • What are Target Types? The Link Check Tool (LCT) is used to monitor your backlinks and check if they are still active. You can check a large number of links for quality and validity. To use the LCT you can enter a large list of URLs into the ‘Source… more »
  • What is a deleted link? A deleted link is a link that existed once but now it has been removed. Deleted links may have been good or bad, if they were good you should recreate them. Why are deleted links important? The LCT can find deleted links. In the… more »
  • LRT has many different ways for you to filter, slice and dice into the link data. more »
  • What is DTOXRISK? Link Detox Risk expresses the estimated risk a link has in a backlink profile. Everything value above 1000 very likely causes a link penalty. DTOXRISK® is short for Link Detox Risk®. Link Detox Risk: find toxic links and… more »
  • What are Link Detox Rules? There are 39 different Link Detox rules that are triggered in certain circumstances when a link is analyzed on a page. Rules are triggered if there is something about the page or link that might mean it is a risky link. For… more »

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