• Don´t forget, you should use the LORT even if you are checking just a single URL. Use bookmarklets for Link Simulator (LORT) So now, even the most casual browsing session can become an opportunity to find great links. With LORT, bookmarklets come in… more »
  • One link costs one credit In the LORT every link you review costs one credit. So in this Tool the used credits depend on the links and not on the reports. In the Dashboard you can always see how many credits are left. At all times you can add more… more »
  • Starting Link Simulator (LORT) Before you can run a LORT report, please make sure you have a fully done Link detox (DTOX) report! Step 1 – where to find and how to start To start a Link Simulator (LORT): 1) go to your dashboard 2) click on "Link… more »
  • Import thousands of URLs and identify the strongest link potentials. The Bulk URL Analyzer (URL) has been developed to get a fast overview of SEO metrics for an arbitrary number of URLs and domains. The unique LRT Power*Trust™ is included, which… more »
  • Search for Missing Links Find on-topic backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t and pick the best for yourself. Benefits of the MLT Find backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t Using the Missing Link Tool you can find links that… more »
  • Find the Strongest Pages See the strongest subpages and subfolders of a domain and find the best place for your link. Benefits of the Strongest Subpages Tool (SSPT) Finding the best page of a site for your link, for example, you have a friend who has an… more »
  • Find Indirect Links Find out where your competitors link to, get links there, so your competitors will link indirectly to you. Benefits of the LJT Get your competitors to link (indirectly) to you Using the Link Juice Thief you can find the places that… more »
  • Find Common Links Find backlinks that are common to multiple sites in your niche that can help you as well. Benefits of the Common Backlinks Tool Find the common backlinks that your competitors have Using the Common Backlinks Tool you can find the… more »
  • Some of our tools can start reports with what we call Bookmarklets. You can use them to easily start a report from your bookmarks bar while surfing the web. All you need to do is to drag-and-drop the link to your bookmarks bar and then use it when… more »
  • In all our reports we show a variety of graphics, charts and heat maps, etc. and they all have certain features and options. The Report Information gives you the first overview of the basic information of your reports. You will learn when the report was… more »

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