• Classifying the keywords in your backlink profile improves precision. more »
  • The domain statistics provide you with an initial overview of the entered domains. The value Referring Root-Domains applies to all linked top-level domains that have been found for the entered domain, including the deleted and filtered links. Charts and… more »
  • Your report also includes a link detail table. It contains all your entered domains, the links we found and your selected metrics. Moreover, you can proceed with secondary analyses from this chart. Link Data Export You can export link data either as… more »
  • Manually There are different export functions in the tools. You can download all tables and charts as CSV, XLSX and PDF as a whole from the button on the top next to the general report information. Whenever you do an export, you will receive an Email… more »
  • Which metrics would you like to use? Plan what you want to evaluate in advance. You can select from the various metrics and filters in the report start screen to quickly achieve good results without having to search extensively. Start the report.… more »
  • Since April 2017, we can do much better in analyzing bigger backlink profiles. This is why, in some reports, you will stumble upon a warning that your report is outdated and you are only seeing a fraction of the links you could analyze. In this case, we… more »
  • When you log into LinkResearchTools, the first thing you will see is the homepage with the “Toolkit” dashboard. Here is where you will be able to start any available tool. You have the option to start different projects. At the top right of the… more »
  • In the settings, you can choose between 2 different Email notification options. The toolkit can both confirm when the report has completed and immediately indicate when new links for your websites have been found. This form of notification is linked to… more »
  • In addition to your project-based backlist, you can additionally and independently of the project remove domains from your “competitors” (depending on your package). more »
  • In order to maintain an overview over your projects, you should set up projects. You can do that in your report summary page. You can set up as many projects as you please. There are no limitations. Click on your report summary in order to show all… more »

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