• Link Detox Risk Gauge Is your website at risk of losing organic traffic in Google and other search engines? Avoid tripping any Google Penguin filter or other backlink related penalty or manual action by keeping your Link Detox Risk below ca. 1000. Keep… more »
  • Domain overview shows you the most important data and issues to work on at a glance. more »
  • Domain overview shows you the most important data and issues to work on at a glance. more »
  • LinkResearchTools (LRT) is a backlink analysis software that combines link data from many different data sources in a consistent, reliable way to provide the best possible data an SEO can get. The accuracy and freshness of data is ensured by recrawling… more »
  • LinkResearchTools API The LinkResearchTools API allows you to start Bulk URL Analyzer (URL) reports for a list of URLs and values. To use the API you need a unique API key which you can find on the Settings page of your account. You can access the API… more »
  • LRT combines 25+ link data sources and recrawls them for you more »
  • Recrawling of all the links, every time You get fresh data 1-30 days, not 5 years old data. With LRT you can be 100% sure that you base your decisions on accurate link data. Because we re-crawl all the links for you before you see them. That's why it… more »
  • LRT offers a lot, what you cannot find in any other SEO tool. more »
  • Our tools not only provide you with the opportunity to analyze your URLs that find our sources but also to upload your own link lists. Depending on the tool this opportunity can differ. In the Bulk URL Analyzer (URL, formerly Juice), you can upload your… more »
  • LRT Classic Set up Automatic Keyword Classification You should set up the Automatic Keyword Classification when you start a Link Detox® (DTOX) report. This will help Link Detox® (DTOX) to estimate the DTOXRISK accurately. Using Automatic Keyword… more »

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